Thursday, February 23, 2012

Duchess to the Rescue!

Who knew Plastic bags could be so much fun!

 On my usual Morning Quest, I discovered plastic bags. Not only are they fun to sit on, they are also fun to dig on.

  I also initiated operation DOFI (Discovering of Forgotten Items) on this Morning's Quest.

  While the Slave was making my morning salad, she thought it odd that I wasn't dancing around her feet looking for food. Soon as she finished, she came looking for me, and this is what she found:

 I've been working on digging the blanket out from behind the couch. It fell back there a while back, but no one bothered bringing it out since its a very holey blanket. Not very warm. So I've taken it upon myself to rescue it.

  The Slave also heard me knocking something against the couch, so she went to find out what it was. It was a spoon. She still doesn't know how it got there.

  All I know is I've found two items this morning and I still haven't gotten my reward(s).


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