Thursday, January 10, 2013

Adoptable of the Month--Furby!

Furby saying "Hello!"

  This adorable toothless bunny boy is around 5 months old, great with the litterbox! While his front teeth may be missing (He had them removed shortly after arriving at the rescue for health reasons.) that doesn't mean he doesn't get to enjoy eating goodies such as carrots or apples, it just means he needs his own personal slave to dice them up for him! =) 

  Can I have some pets/treats? Please??

  While Furby isn't a big fan of being held, he does like to come by for pets and treats! He's also a very happy bunny, as one of his favorite things to do is binkies in his cage! 

 A little to the left please!

 Furby nommin' on some hay! 

  This handsome boy is all "fixed" up and ready to go to a new home! 

  Furby is available for adoption through Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

 For more information on Furby, hop by his petfinder profile page ==>here!<== 


  1. He really is cute isn't he, Speedy. Little Pal, let's say a prayer that some day he can try racing around like you. Thanks for helping this little sweetheart find a forever home, DBS.

  2. Could I ask how a bunny so young loses his teeth? How minced up? Not puréed?


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