Friday, March 7, 2014

Long time no update!!

Im doing great!!! The slaves been having issues she's been dealing with with her family. Anyway....

 Meet Link!!! 

The newest edition to our lil family. He was the owner of the place we're at's pet, and he used to live outside. When asked if we wanted him, Mom&Dad/The Slaves said yes before they even saw him or knew he was a he Heehee. His eyes were sort of damp but since they've been cleaning them for him every so often they look just fine! He isn't fixed, and they want to get to get him looked at but lack of funds/transportation to the vet they haven't been able to yet. 

  Me and Link for a sort of Mardi gras card. We might have been eating pellets Heehee

          He's behind me isn't he??

 I've been doing great, been loving all the attention I've been getting from Mom& now Dad :) Her computer has been down so we haven't been able to post any pix from the nice camera, will post some as soon as she has a computer again!!

  Me&Link have been getting along pretty well through the bars! I just am not a bit fan of getting sprayed or humped too much, he only has humped me once during one of our quick meets (yes I'm fixed!) which I wasn't too cracked up about, but until he gets fixed they're going to keep our meetings short and sweet. 

   Will update when I can!! We're going to try posting blogs from the mobile app! 

  Hope everybuns been doing well!! Sorry it's been a bit since we've posted!!

     That's all for now!

        Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny 

P.S Incase anyone was wondering: Yes, Link is named after the Zelda character Link Heehee 


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