Sunday, November 24, 2013

Your Daily Dose of Chocolate (Without the Calories!)

What's this I hear? 
Chocolate? Without calories?

  Yep! Right here you can get your daily dose of chocolate without having to worry about counting calories ;) 

Nibbling on some grass!

Another look at my back now that I'm done shedding

I do believe it is dinner time!

  Well that's all for now! Until tomorrow!

     Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny


  1. Well I already had chocolate today with calories but this was much cuter!

  2. Duchess your fur has the most amazing pattern, post shed. A mixture of dark and milk chocolate. Very yummy.

  3. Hey! Hey! This was advertised as a no calorie site, and the last thing Duchess says is "dinner time!" I have been deceived. Well, at least I have the beautiful new pictures of the last few days to totally distract me from things that add pounds. Hmmm, Duchess may be the personal trainer/exercise guru I have been needing. Thanks for these beautiful photos of this beautiful bunn. There is nothing like a bunn having fun. Thank you.


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