Monday, November 5, 2012

Adoptable of the Month...Cinnabun!

Meet Cinnabun!

  This cutie patootie has been looking for a home since...(Believe it or not!) April 2012! 

  This super sweet mini-rex bunny boy is VERY active and social! He loooooves being petted (Sound familar? Heehee) and hasn't met anything he's scared of yet! 

Lookin' for food in the 
middle of a hurricane! 
Nothing bothers this handsome bun!

  He's really done well since arriving at the rescue, and I can only imagine how buntastic he'd be around his furrever home!

Here he flopping out after 
Care day!

  Cinnabun is a hyper bun, and would need lots of room to run around.(Just imagine the binky-bilities!) Hyper-active bunnies are the best type of bunnies in my opinion! Heehee

Keeping an eye out for a furrever home at MHRR's adoption day!

  As you can see, he is QUITE the floppybunny!

  Cinnabun has it all:personality, super-soft fur, and he's extremely handsome! Heehee

For more information about adopting Cinnabun, hop by his ==>Petfinder profile page!<==

Cinnabun is availabe for adoption at Magic Happens Rescue in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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