Sunday, November 25, 2012

HOT Chocolate...But No Marshmallows!

Yep. I'm pretty Hot. 
The sun is in my face. (Heehee)

  The Slave says I'm a bit full of myself. I say that I'm a bit Confident in my gorgeous self Heehee. Can I help it I'm so beautiful and I want to show it to everybun? 

Hear Ye Hear Ye! I hereby declare myself the Most Gorgeous Bunny in This House Award!

You may kiss the 
Royal Chocolate Paw...

  So maybe I'm REALLY confident in my gorgeous chocolatey self Heehee.

  That's all for now!

    Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny


  1. confidence with a touch of cheekiness too!Hehehehe....

  2. Always agree with a Chocolate bunny. Yep!

  3. Hot chocolate with a beautiful mug!


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