Monday, October 8, 2012

Running Running BINKY! (Also, 1 year Blogiversary!)

  Well I have been busy enjoying the wonderful weather we've been having! Today was the first day it was actually cool ALL day! It was great! I really enjoyed the weather and did lots of binkies...But of course the slave wasn't able to capture all of my awesomeness! (As a bunny friend of mine so aptly called it! See example below)

  Here is one of the most gorgeous pictures of me, shows how deliciously soft my fur is, as well as how active I am, but...It doesn't 'contain the awesomeness' heehee.  

 The slave was very surprised to see that she did capture a pretty good binky picture of me today!

  And of course, she got lots of nice running pictures!

  I've got lots more binky and running pictures to come, so stay tuned!

   Until next post!

   Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny

P.S. I JUST realized, that today, exactly one year ago, marks the start of this blog! Already at 96 posts, 4 more and I'll reach 100! Wohoo! 

 The Slave thought that she'd missed the 1 year anniversary, but what do you know, she'd posted the first blog post on this exact same day one year ago! So in honor of that, here's another gorgeous/cute picture of moi:

 I've had a blast sharing my adventures this past year, and I hope that y'all have had a blast reading them!


  1. Happy blogiversary Duchess! thats a great achivement

  2. A full year of a Chocolate Binky Bunny! Toot Toot!!


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