Thursday, October 4, 2012

Featured Adoptable of the Month---Snowee!

Meet Snowee!

  This handsome boy has been searching for his forever home since this past August! 

  Snowee is one of several REW adoptable bunnies at Magic Happens, but just because they look similar, doesn't mean they all act alike! Snowee here loves getting pets, is mellow, (But not lazy!), inquisitive, and also a little playful! If his temperament is this great at the rescue, I can only imagine how much fun he'd be when he gets the chance to "open up" once he's adopted or fostered!

  Most REW bunnies are looked over due to their "creepy" red eyes and "boring" color for the more colorful, brown/blue eyed breeds, when in reality REW bunnies usually have the best personalities! Snowee here definitely has a winning personality, and just look at how cute he is!

  Snowee here may be on the large side of things, but if you ask me, bigger is better! All the more to love!

  While someone may think "Oh, it's such a shame that he has red eyes, otherwise I'd get him!" they don't realize that that's what makes that bunny special. Anyone who has owned a REW bunny can tell you just how amazing they are, and how glad they are that they didn't let that bunny's eye/fur color stop them from adopting that bunny. 

  Perhaps that's why REW bunnies look that way, so that way only special people would adopt these very special and unique bunnies. 

  If you think about it, most bunnies who are returned after a few weeks are the "pretty bunnies", the ones who were adopted quickly because they were appealing to first time adopters, and come to find out the bunny had a bad habit/problem that they rescue hadn't found out yet.

  So next time you're looking to adopt, give a REW bunny a chance, they're sure not to disappoint!

 Snowee chillaxin' at his photo shoot, no camera shyness here! (More like, "Can we be done with this so I can go about my business?", heehee)

  For more information on Snowee, you can hop by his petfinder profile -->here!<-- 

  Here's the rescue's web address for more information on the rescue and their other adoptables!


 P.S. Will be posting a new binky/running blog soon! Be sure to check back Saturday!

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  1. I know what you mean about Big white buns with ruby eye such big characters,I know Speedy has!


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