Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We Interrupt This Blog To Bring You...


  And that isn't even my hardest Yoga move!

 Well besides my normal bunny business, we've been working on new Duchess video's, as mentioned in my last blog, but we've run upon several snags and have been working them out. The Slave has also been busy finishing up the Christmas in July goody bags for the Magic Happens Adoptables, she still has LOTS of toys to make! 

  I've been super busy doing all sorts of fancy smancy bunny moves for my new binky-diggy-music video, it'll be around 2 minutes long filled with lots of binky, diggy, as well as shaky action. With absolutely NO reuse of binkies! Ok, well, only when it was considered entertaining...Well, you'll see. We plan on making this my best matched binky video, the song we have picked out is in one of the the Slave's all time favorite black and white movies. I'll give you a hint, the lead actor's initials are C.C. And he has two roles in this particular movie. 

  Check back here for a few sneak peek still's from the video!

  Also, one gi-normous huge snag that we've run into, is that we're almost out of internet data usage. Apparently SOME bunny ran it up causing us to almost go over. Apparently it's a crime to plant your crops on Farmville--Can I help it it takes me longer than people? Keyboards aren't made for bunny paws!  

  Anyway, I won't let this internet-data silliness impair your ability to see new Duchess pictures and video's any longer! But it will be delaying the posting of the binky music video, but fear not, I will keep you entertained until then. 

              Until next time!

         Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny,



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  1. maybe you should up your internet package,can't wait for your new video.ox Speedy


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