Friday, July 27, 2012

Duchess Whiplash McBinky--The Fastest Binkier In the South--Maybe

  Some of you who are subscribed to my YouTube Channel may have noticed my snazzy new short video. It's not put to any music or narrated by yours truly, but it's a nice short example of a VERY fast binky. Binkies that don't make it to the final cut of my binky video, or binkies that were VERY aw-inspiring that are in my binky video, will probably be posted later in a format similar to this one. After all, the binkies are the funnest thing to watch!  

  Regarding the title in the caption of this blog--I'm giving the Slave FULL credit for THAT name/title. I take credit for GOOD names, heehee.  

              That's all for now!

          Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny,


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