Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Who's been gone?

                           Not me! 

   Ok, maybe I haven't posted in a few days...(You call 18 a few??)
 But that's only because SO MANY interesting things have been happening we haven't had a chance to post! Although I suppose it's more like the Slave has just been busy, the nerve!  

   I've been doing great! I even made a new friend:

 Mom's been calling him Mr. Hopsalot or Cutesy...What I want to know is why he gets to be called "Cutesy" while I'm stuck with "Nutsy"! 

 I mean just look how crazy he looks in this picture!

   So what if there are pictures of me basically doing a handstand, what's crazy about a handstand?

I mean, he's all horizontal and his feet look HUGE, 
and I mean just look at how crazy he loo...
I give up. I guess I have earned the nickname "Nutsy"!

  While I have been my normal nutsy self, Mom doesn't have any new pictures to prove it (For once!) so I'll post some nice, pretty pictures of me for a change!

   And of course me givin' the camera some good ol' fashion buni-tude:


   Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny,



  1. Hehehe! Love it Duchess! Your binkies are sooo fantastic! And your little buddy is cute too! hehe! Love, Margarita

  2. you will always be cute to us Duchess,and Speedy is having a prize draw so don't forget to enter,you'll love it

  3. We're going with CUTE for you and Nutsy for the wild-one!


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