Saturday, May 26, 2012

Team Work Makes Dream Work!

              Yeah, I'm Gorgeous

  I have to say, the Slave's pretty Ok with that new camera. In just a few short day's, she's made me look pretty good:


The Slave still doesn't understand how I bend my ears like that.

 Did someone say "Stop"?

                                        BAM! That just happened!

       *Makes plane noises with mouth*

  So between me, the Slave, and that new camera, I think we make a pretty good team! 


                                              Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny,



  1. Yep, you guys do make a pretty good team. Your slave has the easy part though since you are so bee-u-tea-ful to begin with all she has to do is capture it. ;)

  2. Amazing! Wow! Awsome! Holy Moly! Unbelievable! My Oh My!

    You have a tattoo! You were once a show bunny. We had Benson. Benson was a Jersey Wooley and he had a tattoo. He was happy to come live with us - he had more fun to play and friends and plenty of room. He was a showy fellow though!

    1. Thank you!
      Actually, the rescue I came from gave me my tat while I was under anesthesia to be spayed. They do it to all bunnies who are spayed/neutered so that way they can tell if a bunny comes back to them, they will also know who originally adopted the bunny, etc.
      Awww, Benson sounds like he was a cutie!!


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