Sunday, March 4, 2012

I've Hired A Replacement

My Replacement

----Somewhere on Bunny Television, an Infomercial begins----

Bunnoucer Comes on Screen

  You know those days when you just don't want your picture taken, but it gets taken anyway?

We'll I'm Duchess Bunny, and I'm here to introduce you to:


  Looks (kind of) like you, so YOU won't have to worry about that darned camera sneaking up on you ever again! When they need a picture, they can just snap a picture of your Mini-Bun-Me!

   No more losing nights of sleep over wanting to be prepared when you hear that camera turn on; no more leaving your food bowl when you hear that dreaded "click" while you had food all over your face! All your worries are over!

  Simply hop on over and help me keep my Slave busy (It's a win-win!) by placing an order here...Don't forget to raid your Slave's wallet or purse or figure out their Pay-Pal password! Also you can order one that looks (kind of) like me! (Like the picture above.) If you do that, then all $$ you just spent getting one that looks like me will go towards getting goodies for shelter bunnies!

  Don't forget, its Mini-Bun-Me, and you heard it from me! *wink*

     --------End "commercial"--------

                             ~Duchess Bunny
Spokesbun for Mini-Bun-Me/Clay Rabbits Site

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5 out of 5 Carrots
It Really Works!____________________________________________________________

 Thanks to that mini-bun the Slave made like me, I've been able to escape having my picture taken for TWO blogs now! Success!!

Reviewed by: Duchess Bunny from Still Hiding From Slave's Camera on 3-4-2012


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