Sunday, March 18, 2012

I am NOT Late!! (Only the White Rabbit is)

Happy St.Paddy's Day!

  In my defense, I would've posted this MUCH earlier had it not been for this:

 The Slave took her sweet time putting it together.
  The 4th rabbit is only in one card, I suppose he still counted. I never met him. (2008 cards. The infamous Herbert...Its a VERY long story.)

   Moving on...

 I had a great St.Patrick's Day. I got lots of yummy Clover, got to try a new herb (Oregano), and I got the last Chamomile Bunny Bite!

  The Slave bought lots of delicious herbs to pick and dry for me (And adoptables). I can't wait to try all of them:

(Click picture to enlarge)

  But of course the Slave is making sure I take my sweet time *sigh*.

 We already have Salad Burnet, but while she was untangling some Chocolate mint she found it, let me tell you, it's HUGE! She also ended up getting two different kinds of Oregano, when she went to Walmart afterwards they (surprisingly) had some really nice, big Italian Oregano! So she ended up getting some. I just wish she got more cilantro! All the cilantro she's growing is way to tiny to eat!

I hope that everyone had a great St. Patrick's day!



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  1. Be patient Duchess - when that stuff grows you are in TALL cotton!


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