Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Even The Energizer Bunny Needs A Break

How do you think we stay so charged up?

 This is what I call Duchess's Signature Flop... Although usually there's more attempting to flop and stay on that one side!

 Besides trying to catch her in flopping in action, I've also been just trying to get pictures of her...

I know you have the Bunny Bites!

 But since I haven't been able to spend as much time with her, she's been VERY hyper anytime people are around, which makes picture taking a little harder...And when I do get a good picture:

Seriously? We're taking pictures when you have oats?

She is giving me plenty of bunny-attitude!

 Well of course! I'd MUCH rather have pets/food than have my picture taken!

 I know Duchess, I know...*Massages Duchess's head while simultaneously feeding treats*

           Until next post,

                     Duchess's Slave

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