Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bags Delivered!! (WARNING!: Pictures of Destroyed Bags)

What started out like this...

Soon ended up like this:
Pictured is adoptable Kali (Bonded with Roger) sitting triumphantly over the remains of what once was a bag

As you can see, the adoptables definitely enjoyed the bags. There were several techniques displayed today. There was just plain destruction (Pictured above), as well as some who decided to just investigate:
Adoptable Boo checking it out

The Harlequin Girls thought the bags smelled nice, so why NOT give them a lick or two:

Adoptable Ivy: Do you think they're watching?

 Some bunnies were so excited by the sound of other bunnies tearing into bags, they sort of forgot their own (See video MHRR posted here)

  Even MHRR's newest Resident, HoneyBadger, had a 'strategy':

Goodies inside the bag? HoneyBadger don't care.

  We definitely enjoyed going over there and delivering the bags (And, of course, holding HoneyBadger). What better sound than 24 bunnies ripping into baggies full of goodies?

  Along with the bags we also delivered 47 homemade toys (Filled with alfalfa, a few pellets, and a Bunspace Store Banana Bunny Bite):


  Thanks so much to everyone who donated! We were even able to make some for the foster bunnies!! Without y'all we definitely wouldn't have been able to do this!

     Until Next post...

               Duchess's Slave

 Before anyone asks, HoneyBadger certainly has lived up to his name. He has quite a story, which you can read all about on his Facebook page.

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  1. Too awesome! Love another bunny slave and Mhrr volunteer!


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