Friday, December 2, 2011

Mission: Not Impossible

The Reinforcements have Arrived

  Thanks to donations received last week, I was able to place two more orders to go towards the bags for the MHRR adoptables.

 Today, while Duchess was enjoying some run time, I got to work on the bags:

            This was turned into:

47 bags filled with delicious greenery for the adoptables.

 First we have some timothy hay at the bottom, followed by apple&birch twigs with leaves, as well well as some homegrown rosemary twigs, dried carrot tops, and a pumpkin bunny bite. Some bags have homegrown lemon balm or black berry leaves.
 Haven't distributed the toys yet, still not quite done making all of them:

  Miss Duchess's speed-date is hopefully week after next, and that's when we'll deliver the bags.

 I've still got the "treat certificates" up on the clay bunnies site (link to your left) incase anyone would still like to donate for some more goodies for the bunnies!

 I'll leave you with picture of Duchess:

  Until next blog...
                 Duchess's Slave


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