Monday, July 8, 2013

The Yawn

Preview of "The Yawn"
  So the other day the Slave was taking nice pretty pictures of me while I was relaxing in my favorite spot:

 When all the sudden:

"What did I say about taking too many pictures?!" (Hehehe)

  Of the two times the Slave has captured me yawning, I have always picked the perfect moment, right when she wasn't ready...Hehehe

   Until next time!

     Your Favorite Chocolate Bunny


  1. Getting your rest and relaxation - way to go!

  2. you bunnies look so cute when you yawn,xx Speedy's mum

  3. Dear Ms. Duchess, We are so happy to have you back. We always think of you as flying through the air, but we are enchanted with these new art forms - the flop, the flop again, the yawn. You have once again, stolen the hearts of your fans. It is, as I have said, so good to have you back. My nephew, Speedy, thinks you are cute. He is a lovely boy. Don't break his heart, but do remember he is very cheeky. Tell your friends to keep you properly chaperoned. He can come through magic closets, you see. And, Duchess, please thank you servitess again from all of us for giving a bunny a chance.


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